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Exhibition Flowers at RDS 2018

Merlyn are an Irish company that make exquisitely designed shower enclosures, they have recently been awarded a much coveted red dot international award for design.

Orla Kelly, designer, was chosen to design their exhibition stand for House, the brief was to create something different, that would stand out.

With this in mind and the idea of creating an "Experiential" concept of showering, Orla was immediately drawn to the expanse of the Atlantic ocean.

The ocean is, at once, inspirational, escapist, luxurious and elegant – thus it makes a perfect natural partner for Merlyn.

To create a strong visual she chose large corner pillars with abstract water colour of the ocean that encircle the stand and exudes peace and calm but also tempt people inside.

Orla wanted the experience on the stand to be emmersive , so she chose "Inis" fragrance, which embodies the scent of the Ocean, the aroma on the stand is the clean, fresh scent of the Atlantic.

He worked with contrasting scales of flowers and the tall elegant delphiniums reach skyward while the giant blue hydrangea hug their round vase on the table.

Miniature vases of delicate Gyp and delphinium blossoms are illuminated by blue lights in the alcoves of the Ocean wall His and Hers shower in contrast to the bold blue and white arrangements on the floor.

The ocean has a simple elegance and broad horizon, a Merlyn shower experience will bring the same sense of escape, freshness and wide open space.

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