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In this video, Dutch master florist, Lamber de Bie teaches us how to decorate a dinner table for Halloween and Thanksgiving dinner.

How To Decorate A Table For Halloween/Thanksgiving Dinner Party (Lamber De Bie Flowers)

Thanksgiving Table Centre for Live USA TV - Event Flowers in Ireland

Over a number of years Lamber has build a relationship with many of the team at Waterford Crystal both in Ireland, UK and the USA. He also worked many times creating floral displays in and around Waterford crystal pieces used by the team of Evine Live when they broadcast live from Waterford showcasing Waterford Crystal.

It was a first last night for both Dierdre, the Marketing manager of Faithlegg House Hotel and for myself. We had our first appearance Live on USA TV with Evine broadcasting from Waterford to their American audience showcasing all that Waterford Crystal has to offer. I was a little nervous at the start but between the experts of the beautifully, funny and professional Kimberly Wells Evine & the true gent that is Tom Brennan we got true it and even enjoyed it immensely.

The table decoration I made for the broadcast was themed for the harvest / thanksgiving theme and I chose to work with a Burgundy and gold theme as well as lots of natural green elements and fresh fruits, nuts, etc.

Starting with any tablet centre I suggest using a generous base of natural elements, such as evergreen garden foliages, natural branches, even slices of tree trunks and green moss. This will balance out all the glitter and bling that you can add to your table later. And I'm glad to say that Kimberly agreed with me that you can never have enough "Bling".

After your base of natural elements are in place and you have thought about creating different viewpoints from every side of your table by layering different heights on your display, you can now think of the main features that you will be using within your decor. For me this was the two Waterford Crystal #Seahorse candleholders, a cut crystal bowl on an seahorse stem, a tall vase and two more tall candlesticks all from Waterford Crystal. When placing these elements don't go for the obvious of placing the largest piece in the middle and the candle holders equal pace apart on bot sides of the table. I like to use different heights to place the Crystal on and group 2 or more of the same candle holders on one side of the table whale balancing the overall of the table decor with larger fruits or blooms on the opposite side. Remember you want to show off the best of your table and your guests. will walk around your table and should discover pockets of interest from every angle.

Lastly I would like to say to think not only of the table when deciding on your colours and theme for your table decor. Have a look at the stunning room in Faithlegg House Hotel that we got to work in, It is no coincidence that the backdrop and table work together very well.

Feel free to contact us if you're looking for any help with your table centre display for any occasion.

At Lamber de Bie flowers we create such decor for our customers using always a strong emphasis in seasonal materials.

Lamber de Bie - Master florist.

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