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If only the best is good enough for your loved one this Valentines Day have a look at this video where Master Florist, Lamber de Bie shows the latest trends in flowers for Valentine. From a bouquet with the most amazing dozen large headed red roses to a simple but elegant bunch of fabulous tulips

Valentines Day Flowers - The Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

Pick A Hand Tied Bouquet From Your Garden (Lamber de Bie)

Pick A Hand Tied Bouquet From Your Garden (Lamber de Bie)

Lamber de Bie decorates a beautiful Irish country church in County Tipperary for a vip wedding with a strong Tipperary GAA connection. He decorates the church using purple Hydrangea and garden flowers.

Country Style Church Wedding Flowers - Purple Hydrangea And Garden Flowers (Lamber de Bie)

Lamber de Bie flowers decorate a small Irish church for a stunning wedding. There is a magnificent arch build of lots of summer flowers for the bride to enter as well as a vintage style entrance decoration for the side entrance where the guests will enter.

Irish Church Wedding Decorations

Lamber de Bie, Master florist shows you a step by step explanation of how to make your own Christmas door wreath. This DIY tutorial video will have you create Christmas door wreaths for yourself and all your friends like a real florist.

How To Make Your Own Christmas Door Wreath

Lamber de Bie florist shows how he decorates his Christmas dinner table with natural pine branches, real moss balls, pine cones, red candles and seasonal berries

How To Decorate Your Christmas Dinner Table

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