Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Flowers

Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Flowers

Cait and Raul - Lutterelstown castle.

As with all big events it starts with a mysterious phone call and ends with many amazing stories. Michelle, from Waterlilly weddings (a specialist at making dreams come true for American couples who want to get married in Ireland) calls and is very excited about a couple who want a very unique wedding. Their personal story is fascinating as Raul, who is Colombian, always dreamed of marrying a pail skinned beauty with green eyes and dark cascading hair. When he met her the attraction was instant . Wedding plans were not far away and the magical destination was Lutterelstown castle in Ireland as Caitlin had Irish ancestors (and traditional Irish beauty).

Lamber met with Cait and her mother when they were over doing their first menu tasting and they immediately struck up a friendship as the brides mother had lived in Holland and loved their approach to flowers. As the three of them walked around Lutterelstown Castle Lamber was excited and inspired by it’s charm and beauty. There were some classical elements, some romatic touches and the bouquets for the bridal party had a beautiful comtemporary twist. It was when Lamber saw the amazing staircase from the room where Caitlin would be decending to meet her father on the wedding morning. He could not resist suggesting that it be strewn with white orchids so that Cait felt magical and special from the moment she left her room that morning. It was immediately agreed upon and the bride’s magical dream started from when she left the castle. Lamber was careful to add some exceptional flowers to the castle while the wedding party were at the church. Many of the guests had stayed in the castle that night and had seen the mornings flowers so Lamber knew that there had to be something remarkable when the returned to mark that the festivities were now well and truely underway.

While the couple were back in The States, Lamber noticed that while visiting their church that the front door was locked as their were repairs being done to the tower. He realised that this meant that the bride could not walk up the aisle and would have to enter by a side door and be on the altar without any ceremonial walk. This for any bride must be one of the key moments of the day. Lamber immediately called Michelle in The States and through much cajoling and negociating it was arranged that the repairs would halt and the front door open for the wedding. As Lamber says the minute you are involved in a Waterlilly wedding you become part of this incredible team where everyone is thinking of the actual day being perfect for the bride and groom. When delivering the flowers to the church, which was ony a bust street, Lamber remembered advice his father had once given him when he was delivering furniture in Paris on a similarly busy street with no parking. He just had to pull up outside, ignore the beeps and unload his cargo and so did Lamber with the wedding flowers. When Raul and Cait arrived at the church, not only was the front door open but the church was fetsooned with beautiful hydrangae, flickering candle laterns and an ambience of elegance and charm that made it, unmistakably, a Lamber de Bie wedding.

Lamber and Cait bumped into one another very early on the wedding morning when no one else was up yet, they were both too excited to sleep. Lamber’s team helped to carry a barber’s chair across the courtyard for a hot shave that was being offered to all the gentlemen in the library and then the flower designing began. The comraderie between everyone was energising and as the church ceremony took place the dinning room was transformed with roses, peonies and trailing ivy. Lamber’s signature is always the shape and structure of his arrangements, there is always an element of architecture to his work. So the elegant dining room is lifted as flowers soar towards the ceiling or cascade down to the floor, their movement articulating the design elements of the room itself.

The greatest testimony to the wedding was when Lamber and Pat stood by the fire watching all these new friends dancing together to Colombian music, that even after a long and exhausting day, they were tempted to stay, everyone seemed to be having so much fun. Another succsesful de Bie wedding was completed measured only by the happiness of the Bride and groom.

Some vey kind words from the wedding planners. Thank's Michelle x

Being a wedding planner for over 10 years means we get to work with some of Ireland's leading wedding professionals in Ireland. Without a doubt Lamber and the team are one of the most outstanding florists in Ireland. No matter if we need them to create flowers for an elopement or a wedding for 200+ they always give 100% of their talent, advice and professionalism. It is literally a joy to work with them in designing and creating a couples vision for their wedding day. They produce flowers that take your breath away and add a joy to a wedding day that is hard to put in words!

Michelle Johnstone Clark


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