Suzanne Jackson Wedding Flowers

Suzanne Jackson The Wedding Flowers

By Lamber de Bie flowers

5th of August 2017

I wasn’t really sure how a professional blogger came into being, or what they would be like. The audience was humming at a Retail excellence event and we were all about to listen to the keynote speaker, Suzanne Jackson. We all wanted to have this magical myth of blogging demystified for us, anxious to see how we could best use it for our business. I suppose what I didn’t expect was someone with such personal charm.

Suzanne won the room over immediately, she was funny, extremely professional and knew her subject so well that we were all in awe of how easy she made everything look but I was under no illusions about how hard working she was. I was sitting beside Sharon McCabe of pharmacy fame and she said “You have to meet Suzanne after, she’s amazing”. I spoke to Suzanne and Dylan (who was equally charming) and they mentioned they were getting married, not for a year and a half so were too busy now to go into details. I never miss a genuine opportunity so handed her my bespoke printed wedding book full of my images, ideas and approach. I had planted the seed for a great relationship.

I immediately felt they were the kind of people I could connect with, I loved their laid back but completely professional approach to things, it’s very like the approach in Lamber de Bie Flowers. There were a couple of secret meetings in Kilkenny and Dublin (as she wanted to keep her wedding plans under wraps until she chose to unwrap them herself). When she visited my shop in Kilkenny she instagrammed a shot of the inside of the shop in Kilkenny, which is quite distinctive. Immediately I had people in touch to tell me where the glamorous Suzanne Jackson was. I had to feign ignorance and pretend I wasn’t there but said I was delighted she was shopping at Lamber de Bie flowers.

On one of her Kilkenny trips when we were really getting into the glorious details of her wedding flowers she had a luxury night in the Newpark hotel and Zuni restaurant got us a special corner table to go through the details. It’s not really that surprising how well people look after Suzanne, it’s a bit like having Jackie Kennedy arrive in your restaurant, you have to give her space but can’t keep your eyes off her at the same time, I felt quite the celebrity when meeting with her.

Father’s are always the steady pair of hands on the wedding day. So even though Suzanne’s wedding was, in ways, part of her career and would be shared with her followers. She was still a girl on her wedding day, excited and nervous and getting ready with a mug of tea in her hand, when her dad opened the door to me on the wedding morning. I always like to hand the bride her bouquet on her wedding morning in person. It reassures her that everything is in hand, that the rest of the flowers will be as amazing and magical as her bouquet.

It’s great to have a bride like Suzanne who has such a great vision of what she wants. It was to be a fairy tale wedding from the beginning, cascading roses and hydrangae with accents of rose gold to illuminate the blooms. I suggested the avalanche roses to give her classical theme a twist and we decided to go with off white. It was to be a portrait of elegance but with a natural cascading structure.

Soft pinks were introduced in the beautiful generous form of peony roses, astilbe in dusty pink and more wonderful pink avalanche roses. Wonderful classic Summer blossoms but given a natural unstuctured twist.

The bouquet itself I made slightly larger in scale to fit with Suzanne’s elegant stature and her mesmorising dress. Her idea of the single theme throughout the flowers in the church, bouquet, tables and arches really made the overall look so sophisticated. It really looked as though the wedding was in a beautiful Summer garden, laiden with heavy late Summer blossoms, wafting and trailing around the interiors. Suzanne had created a classical white interior space which made such a beautiful foil for the flowers, they really took on classical proportions as their profile and structure were highlighted against the white fabric draped walls.

Her wedding arches were used in a beautiful, almost classical Roman way. I made one for outside the church entrance in Skerries, which set the tone for Suzanne and Dylan when they arrived, the guests had a taste of the sheer elegance that was to come. Inside the portico of the church was another arch whose insense perfumed the church vestibule. The final cascading archway was to define the area of the hotel where the main event took place. It announced in no uncertain terms that once you pass under this archway of flowers you are entering the magical world of Dylan and Suzanne Jackson.

Photo's by Photo's by Jenny McCarthy & Gotcha Covered

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