Lamber de Bie explains his journey to becoming a Dutch Master Florist and than the no 1 sought after wedding florist in Ireland.

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Wedding Flowers at Castle Durrow

Inspired by the landscape:

Being inspired by Ireland’s wildness has been a unique journey for me.

So many beautiful arangements are almost found in the natural landscape, like objects trouvée.

Colour palettes that I use are those that occur naturally in a hedgerow or medow,

subdued yet sublime.

Shapes and silhouettes that I love are those that mimic the landscape, ancient windworn trees and undulating hills.

Textures that excite me are those that are formed by the rugged weather and ocean winds.

The ancient Gealic word for ivy: eidhneach is how we describe the darkest of greens: eidheánghlas, it clambers up medieval castles walls and shrouds the grand country houses. It’s untamable nature is a wonderful structure to represent freedom and abundance and all the wisdom that ancient forests speak.

Other elements in the lanscape which inspire me are rock pools, with their shimmering pinks and purples. Peatlands, which bring purples, greens and browns together in a unique and harmonious combination. Summer medows, with brights scattered amongst rich greens. Perhaps the most magical of all being Irish ancient forests, where sesile oaks, medieval ferns and trickling streams are silenced by a rich carpet of moss.

Our medieval monks brewed beer form hops in their monasteries. Hops is the female flower of the plant and so perfectly represents fertility and pleasure – it’s beautiful silhouette is a design masterpiece.

Anenome – simply called the wildflower in Irish woodlands is a joyous blanket of colour on the forest floor to symbolise the end of winter and the start of a new spring.

Astilbe – the flower of patience is (describe? And if you can say it reminds you of anything in the landscape or it may be indigenous – this applies for the other flowers/plants you have mentioned also)

Being surrounded by such an inspirational and charming natural world in Ireland allows me to create arangemets that are authentic, wild, harmonious, untamed and their simplicity and elegance speak of ancient times.

Wedding Flowers by Lamber De Bie.

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