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Alternative wedding look, photo shoot Kilfane Glen & Waterfall

July 2018

Fairytale or Fantasy – Cool, confident brides who bring a new look to weddings.



I loved the idea of this wedding shoot from the very beginning. Lord of the Rings, retro chic, whimsy, fairytale and vintage fantasy; all themes that really excite me that I don’t often get to work with. Many brides start with the idea of wanting something “different” but some will gravitate towards a more traditional wedding eventually – which is beautiful and magical in itself.

What I am seeing more of now are younger brides who really do want something different, they may have been to more than a dozen of their friends weddings and they want theirs to look and feel completely different, instagrammable magic.

I really admire these young couples who aren’t afraid to be different, it takes a lot of confidence to strike out and break all the traditions that are associated with weddings. It may help that they are paying for their own wedding and feel less beholden to what their parents might favour. Or maybe they feel that the traditional wedding look does not represent them, is not personal enough.

Their realm of influence is film, Game of Thrones and literature rather than their friends weddings – they are the outliers and ultimately the influencers of society.

Protea, the bold and structured flower from South Africa, is the flower these alternative young brides choose. It represents transformation, diversity and courage, named after the Greek God Proteus who could change form at will.



Tanya (from Eden photography) suggested this great theme and Yvonne Maher (makeupbyyvonne) was on hand to create the fantasy look for the brides hair and make up. Her Lord of the Rings headband and make up were perfectly sublime, nothing too theatrical but romantic and fantasy blended together to make the bride look confident and dreamy at the same time. Unstructured flowers and hair give a great feeling of freedom and hope and represent a lack of constraint, instead representing optimism. I chose a free flowing bouquet that is reminiscent of the forest, weaving eucalyptus and wild roses in amongst the Protea.

Kilfane Waterfall and Glen really were very influential in my choice of flowers for the bouquets and head pieces. Everything had to look natural, unstructered, mystical and had to take on board the cascading element of the waterfall. Interestingly, the end result was very rich, decorative and, even though inspired by a natural woodland setting, was certainly full of character and representative of the individual bride.




Flowers: Lamber de Bie, Lamber de Bie Flowers,

Makeup: Yvonne Maher. Makeup by Yvonne,

Wedding dresses: Noleen Coughlin, Ti Adora Brides,

Hair styling: Marie Hickey

Props: Ann, Butterslip,

Location: Kilfane Glen & Waterfall, Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland,


Wedding Flowers by Lamber De Bie

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