Best Flowers for Valentine's Day

Find the Best Bouquet of Flowers for Valentine's 

The most special day for lovers is the day dedicated to pure love and to that magical feeling that connects two hearts.
Valentine's Day is a holiday that is celebrated almost in the whole world! On this romantic day you can express your feelings with a gift, a Valentine's Day card, and of course with one of the most important attributes of this occasion - a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.
If you want to impress that someone special on the most charming day of the year with a gorgeous Valentine's Day designer bouquet, let Lamber de Bie and his professional team add a little magical sparkle to your floral gift.
Specially for Valentine's Day this year, we have created several new bouquet designs. Including Love Paradise, Love Island, Generation Z, Lust in Paradise, Dozen Red Roses and of course our bright tulip selection, and our classical Valentine's Day best sellers are available online and in store.

Love Paradise Valentine's Day Bouquet 

Valentine's Bouquet
The Love Paradise, Valentines Bouquet designed by Lamber is a stunning hand tied bouquet that at a first look seems to be created from only foliages. If you take a closer look however you see lots of flowers such as a beautiful green Cymbidium orchid, green Leucodendron, green Viburnum and green lilies. Of course the selection of exotic foliages are the key featrure in this very “In Vougue” Valentines Day Gift. When creating this bouquet, Lamber was thinking of the generation that used to go on back-packing holidays and ended up in an unknown wilderness where only when you take the time to look you see all the beauty that nature has to offer.

Love Island Valentine's Day Bouquet

Flowers for Valentine's

The Love Island Valentines Bouquet was designed, and in the picture shown with pride by Mashy who works with the Lamber de Bie team in Waterford. She designed this bouquet around the very popular TV program Love Island. As she said herself; There is an intensity of heat surrounded by an oasis of calming greens with to one side some stunning red roses symbolising Love.

Generation Z Valentine's Day Bouquet

Valentine's Day Flowers

This bouquet was designed by our florist Ciara who works with us in our Waterford store. She called it the “Generation Z” bouquet designed for the younger generation. However we believe this is perfect for anyone who is “Young at Heart – of any age”. A bold contemporary, compact bouquet of strong shapes and colours. Red as opposite of Green and Orange as opposite of Blue, Altogether creating a modern balanced, dare I say; A funky Valentine’s bouquet. Ciara decided to not place the traditional red rose central into the bouquet however it can be found towards the top of this Valentines bouquet.

Lust in Paradise Valentine's Day Bouquet

The Lust Paradise, Valentines Bouquet is designed by our Super Florist Mashy who works with us in our Waterford flower shop. Over the years Mashy has developed a wonderful loose and natural style of respecting the flowers as much as loves her foliage. For this bouquet she started with three enormous red garden roses in the centre and surrounded by Vanda Orchids, Chocolate Anthuriums and the most wonderful luxurious foliage from Monstera leaves, Eucalypthus, Ruscus and large Palm leaves.

Dozen Red Roses Valentine's Day Bouquet

Dozen Red Roses
A fantastic hand tied bouquet of large headed red roses arranged in a wonderful bouquet by the florists at Lamber de Bie Flowers in Waterford and Kilkenny. This stunning classic red rose bouquet is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one. All the roses are hand picked by Lamber and guaranteed of the best quality.

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