Kilkenny Arts Festival Flower Installations

Lamber de Bie once again looks after all flowers for the events at the Kilkenny Arts Festival.




Lamber used tall Typha plumes (cigars as they are often called in the flower trade ) as well as umbrella's of the Cyperus plant. At the base there are the exotic Monstra leaves ( Cheesplant ) and some soft eucalyptus foliages. In the middle between all of this Lamber used some tense curling Kiwi branches creating a playfull display of lines arising from a large base of heavenly, glossy green in front of the magnificent pastel colours of the glass window.



St Canices Cathedral in Kilkenny is the largest of their venue with performances throughout the week from solo artists to large groups of musicians filling the stage. This year Lamber choose to place a large display at the back of the podium right beside the amazing church organ. He also placed a smaller display at the opposite corner of the stage to balance the overall look. Further to this there are also a large number of very tall vases with flowers that can be moved around the stage depending on the setup for the performance at hand so that recurring visitors will see a different look for every performance.



Red Yellow Blue

Lamber choose to use strong primary colours; Red, Yellow, Blue for the flowers in the Cathedral together with touches of white and green, The Primary colours are to pick up the stunning leaded glass windows behind the podium that are mesmerisingly beautiful during any daytime performance. Also the strong colours Blue and red are used to light up the church inside during the night time performances.

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