Natural Flower Wedding Arch - Floral Wedding Decor

Open-ended Natural Flower Wedding Arch

The loose and natural style of arranging has been Lamber’s favourite for a long time and is now becoming widely used by florists for weddings.

At the entrance of this Irish country church Lamber created a dramatic entrance to welcome the guests on entering the church as well as a fantastic photo opportunity when the bride and groom step into the world for the very first time as husband and wife.

The bright red door that we see at many Irish country churches looks magnificent against the red and orange tones of autumn season flowers. This combined with the silver detail from the Eucalypthus foliage that is the exact colour of the church ( no accident ) makes it look as if this display has been growing up against the entrance of the church for many years. It is a sign of great display when it looks as if it took no effort and every element just naturally belongs these. This is how Lamber’s style of floristry is often described. Maybe because he studied for seven years to become a Dutch Master Florist and now has his business for over twenty years in Ireland creating memories for lots of couples every year.

If you would like to know what Lamber and his team can create for your wedding send us a message via the contact form on our website.

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