Composting and growing flowers again

How we  are composting all our green waste.

Composting green waste for florist business

We as a business do what we can to be as green as possible. As a florist with two busy shops and a nationwide delivery of bouquets we create lots of green waste every day. In order to do our bit for the environment, as well as reducing cost of waste dumping we build 2 large composting areas over twenty years ago. In this all our green waste and compostable material such as cardboard boxes goes daily. Every 6 months it’s turned upside down from one composting area to the other and every two years we harvest a beautiful compost for my garden. I’m so exited to start planting this new border in my garden next. In one of the picture is the remains of an old Cherry Tree we had just taken out of the garden and mulched into a top layer for the border. Proud to work green and delighted with the benefit for the garden.

Fresh natural compost on a new flower border.


Mulch of a tree we had to cut down will go into composting.


we harvest our garden composting every two years.


Compost from plant waste and leaves in our flower shop.



Fresh compost going onto a new flower border.


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