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The Peony Rose It is the time for the magnificent Peony Rose. This early summer favorite will make many vases shine as well as be shown in bridal bouquets and centre pieces. Welcome to the world of the Peony.

The Origin of the Peony Roses Here in Europe we enjoy the beauty of the Peony Rose since 1784. In China they enjoyed the beauty of this flower long before then. They not only cultivated the Peony for their flowers but also for the roots. These apparently had the power to reduce fever and stop bleeding according to the Chinese. We advise not to put the Peonies in your mouth but flood your eyes with their beauty.

Colours and shapes of the Peony Roses Whoever falls for the charm of the Peony has the luck of choosing from over one thousand varieties, in every shape and colour. There are flowers with a single row of flower petals, with half double and fully double flowers. Also the array of colours is enormous; the jolly Peony in pale yellow, romantic white, Candy pink, and deep red. And this is before we mention of the deliciously sweet attractive scent.

Plant your Peony Roses in the garden Peonies are perfect for our gardens. Most of them are Herbecious plants, what means in the winter everything above the ground will die, and the plant will pop up again in spring. Peonies like full sun position in the garden and flower from the end of May till mid June. Do not plant too deep. Peonies may stop flowering if: they become in shade, from trees around them growing over time; You mulch your garden every year what means the roots will become too deep below the surface. You can move and divide Peonies by lifting the plants after they are finished flowering, split the root-ball and re plant no deeper as they were before. Possibly reduce the foliage to half by now and water well for the first number of months until established.

Care for your Peony Roses as Cutflowers When cutting Peonies from your garden do this early in the morning before the sun dries out the foliage and flowers are full of moist from the morning dew. Cut at an angle 3 cm from the stems with a sharp knife. Use a clean vase and fill this with fresh water. If your Peonies are thirsty? Keep filling up your vase. Do not put your vase in a draft, close to heating or in direct sunlight or near fresh fruit.

The Symbolism of the Peony Roses The Peony stands for Love, Luck and good health. It is not without reason that the Peony is a welcome guest at a spring and early summer wedding. But it’s not only the lovebirds that like the Peony. We all love a generous bunch of positivity and love into our home, right?

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