Summer Wedding at Mount Juliet



A loose and natural style, hand-tied bouqet made up of pink blooms in different shades to create an Ombre effect. This will include Large, scented David Austin Garden roses, Summer dahlia’s, Bouvardia, Astilbe and other seasonal summer flowers with a delicate cascade of Ruscus and soft Eucalypthus foliages.

This was the description I gave to the bride for her bridal bouquet after meeting with her and many emails back and forth.

I’m not sure if she could visolize exactly what her bouquet would look like on her wedding day but I like to keep an element of surprise there as well as leaving a little room for me to decide some elements on the day. We are afterall working with natural products and some flowers can on the day work out to be a little bigger, smaller, darker, lighter, ….. etc. So this gives me the possibility to create my best work for the bride on the day of her wedding.






A stunning combination of pinks from strong cerise pink all the way to the softest of pastel pink and every hue in between was what we ended up using a the colours for the wedding with a strong emphasis on garden roses, spray roses, Hydrangea and summer flowers. On the morning of the wedding after finishing off the bouquets, another 5am start in the flower-studio for me, I had just time to take some photo’s of my work and placed the bouquets for bride and bridesmaids on a blue painter garden bench on my lawn.

Next I was off to the Hunters Yard Hotel where the bride, her bride’s maids and many more were in a suit getting lots of attention from Make up and hair specialist. Just as we arrived I heared the all so familiar sound of the popping of a bottle of Champagne.

I love the look on a bride’s face when she first lays eyes on her bouquet, It’s always a special moment when they see it all coming together. A quick run trough of all the bouquets and what buttonholes are to go to the groom’s party and were off to the Church.




The church is in the Village of Thomastown, is a town in County Kilkenny in the province of Leinster in south-east of Ireland. It is a lively market town along a stretch of the river Nore witch is known for its salmon and trout, with a number of historical landmarkes in the vicinity. Visitor attractions include Jerpoint Abbey, Kilfane Glen gardens, and of course Mount Juliet golf course and estate. Many of these locations used for the most stunning wedding photos you can take home as your forever memory. Thomastown Church is only a five minutes drive away from Mount Juliet Estate and makes a wonderful setting for any church wedding. When driving up to the church, which is positioned on the highest point of the beautiful Irish village, It show’s it’s full majestic beauty with a driveway filled with on the left side large mature trees and to the right a stunning view over the village and countryside beyond with the river Nore.



Arriving at the church we have one team starting at the altar flowers and one at the Arch at the entrance. The Altar in this church is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. A large white marble altar with beautiful lit up carving at the front. We opted to create an extravagant display of flowers across the full with of the altar using lots of white tall church candles in different heights and an array of summer flowers in different pinks to match the floral theme. David Austin Roses, many different spray roses, Hydrangea, Lisyanthus, were only few of the flowers that made up this magnificent display. When entering the church your eyes were guided by the many pew decorations of large light pink Hydrangea blooms with soft tulle bows up to this highlight of the floral display in the church; the Altar.



Few churches fit a entrance floral arch so well as Thomastown with it’s amazing entrance looking straight upto the church and arch as soon as you turn up towards the church. We like our floral arch to be rich and generous with natural Irish greenery and Ivy, Lots is cut from Lamber’s own garden on the morning of the wedding. Early that morning we start winding many layers of natural green onto the metal frame until we reach the desired proportion and shape. It is in situ that we finish off the arch with fresh flowers. Positioning and securing the arch with green, than adding some last trails of green Ivy, I like it to look as if the frame was taken over by time and Irish nature before I add my flowers.



Again a selection of all sort of pink roses and lots of large blooms of pink Hydrangea’s, all secured and placed in their own individual water tube, well. Hidden from view between the green but ensuring they will look as fresh when the newly married couple will be leaving the church as when the guests arrived.



Just before we left the church while we were checking up on everything and spraying a light water misting over the flowerarch we had pleasure of listening to the musicians going over their warmup for the wedding ceremony.

Next it was off to Mount Juliet where we were started the setup for the reception and dinner. As we entered the estate we saw the car with groom and his men leaving for the church. This was perfect timing as we wanted to wait with the building of the spectacular Instagram, selfie – Flower wall until all the guests had left to go to the church so that this was a complete surprise for them on return. The reception was held in the beautiful courtyard beside the entrance to the Hunters Yard Hotel.




We started with the setup of the flower-wall by adding lots of layers of natural greens; From garden Laurel, natural beach leaves, silver Olive wood, Eucalypthus foliage and natural green Ivy trails. I took a picture of the wall before we added all the flowers just to show the beauty of the natural greens. Imagine covering a complete room – all walls, floor to ceiling - with a selection of different greens just like this. ( Anyone like this for your wedding or another event ??? – I’d love to be up for the challenge).

After the greenery we started weaving in all the flowers, just like we did in the arch at the church entrance with water tubes hidden between the green so the flowers were able to drink as we were now in the middle of a very warm day. Luckily we were in Mount Juliet where the waiters offered us refreshing drinks ( cold pint of Iced-water is the best while working in the sun ) to keep us going.

Again we were listening to the musicians that were setting up to entertain the guests during the drinks reception after they would return from the church.



When leaving their cars behind and walking over to the reception guests would be welcomed by a sign showing all they had arrived at the correct place and when they then looked up, trough the arch into the courtyard, straight ahead in front of them was where we placed our flower wall. It got lots of uses with guests posing in front of it for both formal and casual pics.



Next was into the dining room for the finishing touches to the table’s and room décor in the Hunter’s Yard Wedding room. All was set up before the first guests returned from the church and were greeted by sunshine, smiles, champagne, music and flowers in the wonderful setting of the courtyard at the Hunters Yard.




We were delighted to get a glimpse of the bride and guests enjoying themselves before we headed off with the good feeling of another job well done for yet another wonderful Lamber de Bie Flowers Wedding.




When it comes to your wedding day, we understand that every detail counts and we work closely to provide inspiration and guidance to ensure beauty is realised on one of the most special days of your life. We love succeeding in creating perfect wedding flowers - from small intimate affairs through to significant productions.

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