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Lamber de Bie is the creator of magical weddings in Ireland, whether it be in an ancient castle, a clifftop ruin or a romantic luxury hotel, he will bring his unique floristry skills to bring a natural charm to any space. He works with all the best venues and wedding planners to intertwine wild hedgerow blossoms with native greenery and allow them to reflect the magic of the ancient castle’s surroundings.


People everywhere dream of a wedding in an Irish castle, Lamber understands the desire behind this wish as he too, can see how beguiling the rugged landscape and medieval architecture create a fantasy that has been placed there hundreds of years ago. The Natural mystery of the setting is further ameliorated by the effortless charm and ease of the Irishpeople. There is a good humour and friendliness with Lamber and his team that is not always part of International companies of such high professional standards.



Lamber approaches each wedding with a sense of excitement as though he has been charged with conjuring some extra mystique from each blossom and enchanting tables with cornucopias of berries and blooms. He relishes the challenge of a mysterious place or an imaginative request.



His inspiration is drawn from the very landscape and historic architecture that these events are staged in. A rugged castle - walls thick with Ivy (or the celtic eadhan tuibh) prompts him to unstructured arrangements that are bewitching in their colour and natural miniature detail. He is a great interpreter of dreams and will encourage brides to dream more magically. He has a great eye for what is fabulous and when some wild roses in a vintage china cup will suffice.



Lamber’s artistic flair allows him to create theatrical experiences. He has woven vine branches into giant spheres and threaded them with delicate blossoms. He loves structure and the architecture of how flowers are arranged is as inspiring to him as the colour and shape of each flower itself. Some of his wonderful rambling table arrangements are like a microcosm of the hedgerow which inspired them, a repetition in a minor key. There is a fresh truth to his work, a great honesty and playfulness that is evident in his clever use of scale and colour and form but all of these together are greater than the sum of their parts and the end result has the lyricism of a poem or a celtic air, everything he makes is imbued with character, charm and intrinsic beauty.



Lamber relishes the challenge of responding to these beautiful ancient castles – mirroring their layers of history with his layering of wildflowers, berries and greens. Creating something that is mystical but unknowing.



Lamber’s relationship with the venues of exception and local knowledge means that having him on board is like some kind of relaxation therapy. Everything is possible, dreams are woven, expectations are surpassed and everything appears as though by magic, the personal service is beyond compare. His attention to detail is most impressive and I have witnessed him going through hundreds of flowers to remove a single petal that is not perfect, but his real attention to detail is with people, that they are happy, he will charm all sorts of people and has an infectious sense of occasion.



Lamber is always generous with his dreams, imagination, time and personal charm. For him, creating with flowers is still inspirational. Doing it in a fairytale castle in Ireland is beyond compare.



Lamber share’s his personal experience of how to create a wonderful Irish wedding without the stress:

When travelling from abroad to get married in Ireland there are some things you can bring with you (dress, husband, family and dreams) other things will not travel – primarily the flowers. Lamber has vast experience of working and planning with brides remotely and has always exceeded their expectations.

His local knowledge of the geography of the country and his familiarity with the top venues enables him to plan with precision and deliver with ease the bride’s dream flowers arrangements, bouquets and poesies. He has been known to create in meadows, cliffs, cottages, country houses and many medieval castles.

Lamber has great relationships with the best wedding planners and always advises couples to use a wedding or event planner when getting married in Ireland from abroad. They know the legal, religious and travel requirements and can save so much time, money and unnecessary stress. They also have great local knowledge and connections. They are all very experienced in dealing with couples from abroad who want to get married in Ireland as it is such a popular wedding destination – there are over 30,000 castles and ruins throughout the island of Ireland.

Your wedding planner will recommend all the best services and suppliers. They especially suggest that you get a good photographer to bring the memories of your magical castle wedding home, to show the detail of your wild Irish rose bouquet and to share the day with those who may not have travelled.

Even (or especially) if you are eloping then great photographs will share the moment with friends and family. In fact it’s important to treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet or special meal even if it is just the two of you, there will be so many beautiful photographs of you in Ireland from the ancient forest to the cliff top walks and maybe even one in the local pub.

Lamber believes it’s both a good idea and relaxing for you to trust your florist. They really have such creative ideas that will use and enhance the natural blooms and greenery. Lamber’s signature unstructured table arrangements and mystical interwoven bouquets are inspired by the very landscape of Ireland. It’s a great creative collaboration between your wedding dreams and his great taste and true artistry.

He is open to all suggestions and hasn’t yet created a wedding on a boat off the rugged Atlantic coast (although he has designed island wedding flowers) so allow him to interpret your wedding dreams for you and bring the natural Irish hedgerow, wild roses and trailing ivy to infuse your wedding day with Celtic charm.




When it comes to your wedding day, we understand that every detail counts and we work closely to provide inspiration and guidance to ensure beauty is realised on one of the most special days of your life. We love succeeding in creating perfect wedding flowers - from small intimate affairs through to significant productions.

Planning your wedding? Please all our Kilkenny Shop on 056–7770161, Waterford Shop 051–379440 or submit your request via Contact Page

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